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My old repository will no longer be updated

These are just random clojure related projects I've been working on. Eventually I'll have forums or somewhere you can post comments / requests / bugs etc... in the mean time, feel free email me .


An emacs mode for clojure.

This is a fork off of Lennart Staflin's clojure-mode that has improved indentation and keyword highlighting that attempts to be up to date with clojure SVN.

This mode also comes with optional scripts and modifications for better integration with paredit mode. This also implies a slightly modified version of paredit that fixes some bugs made obvious when used with clojure.


Swank server (slime) for clojure.

This is the very beginnings of a swank support (ie. slime). It only supports a very small subset of the features that a full fledged swank server provides.

It is currently under development, so expect some debug messages. But despite that, it's in enough of a workable state that I find it useful.

Current features:

  • slime repl
  • find-definitions (limited)
  • simple-completions
  • basic inspection

Features in progress:

  • debugging
  • full featured inspection


Everything else (only clojure startup script for now).

Shell script:

  • Configurable - set memory settings and startup capabilities in ~/.clojure.conf or /etc/clojure.conf.
  • Java directory - place all your .jar files in ~/.clojure/ and they will be loaded into clojure
  • Startup script - place your startup code into ~/.clojurerc